Sign Language Translation of Text Message Poetry Video

I’m going to make an art film. The stunning Koko D’Estrella will translate the poems from “Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey” into American Sign Language and perform the poems for a film in costumes inspired by the three sub-demographics responsible for creating the underground text + chat acronym language. Drawings of Christopher Paul Russell will also be featured as the set for the entire film.

                              ON WITH THE SHOW. . . !

Step 1: Write 60 poems using only the vocabulary found in text message and chat acronyms abbreviations (source: DONE.

Here’s another one to tickle your funny bone: BHIMBGO SLOM HBASTD MEH BL GBU PC KYSOTI. Need a Translation? Ok.

Bloody hell I must be getting old, sticking leeches on myself, hitting bottom and starting to dig teachers in the room. I shrug my shoulders. I belly laugh. God bless you player. Keep your stick on the ice.

Step 2: Find Organic Title in Manuscript that Catches People’s Attention + will translate well visually into a film adaptation. DONE. Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey. People who use text/chat acronyms fluently refer to themselves as “Elite Speakers,” and the acronym BISFLATM (boy I sure feel like a turquoise monkey) speaks to that awkward feeling of being out of place, like a duck out of water, or a pig in pant suit.

Step 3: Publish poems in literary journals. DONE. More than half of these poems have already been published in WESTWIND Review, Toad Suck Review, Botticelli Magazine, and Poets on Site’s Anthology “WilsonFest.”

Step 4: Translate those 60 poems into American Sign Language.

Step 5: Have Hair, Costume, and Makeup designed such that it represents an “Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey.” Costume & Makeup is being designed/produced by West Williams.

Step 6: VIDEO Koko D’Estrella performing the text message poems in American Sign Language while wearing the Turquoise Monkey costume and makeup.

Step 7: Post-Production. Edit. CG. Smoke. Mirrors. Ta Dah!


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POTENT PLAY: Provoking An Adventurous Spirit – ON EXHIBIT Nov 24

WHAT: Opening Reception for Just Kibbe’s gallery exhibition “POTENT PLAY: Provoking An Adventurous Spirit”

The exhibit includes pieces from Just Kibbe’s past + current projects (1999 – 2012) including the Baby Obama collector’s doll; his text message poetry manuscript; and the growing collection of artifacts and documents from the Pirate Pig Mythology. . . . and more.

MEDIUMS: typewriter on snakeskin; burned text on bowling pins, nest eggs, assorted bones + skulls, and shoes; colored pencil collage; film photography; and others.



  • Just Kibbe will speak briefly about his creative process and results.
  • Jenni Purcell of the RavenDaisy Band will sing; accompanied by Michael Simpson & Heather Burks.
  • Guests Encouraged to have their photo taken with Baby Obama.
  • Guests requested to complete Telegram Form to a character in Pirate Pig Mythology.


FOOD & BEVERAGE: Light appetizers & wine will be served.

* * * * *

Just Kibbe’s gallery exhibition “POTENT PLAY: Provoking An Adventurous Spirit” will open on November 24, 2012 and run through December 8, 2012. To visit the exhibit other than during the opening reception, please contact Susan Dobay at 626-359-3946.

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Discontent vs Malcontent

There is something about writing a public post, a blog, that has always frozen my fingers a bit. There must be something I’m hiding, eh? Something I’m wary of releasing out into the world “might-never-be-read.” Yes, I am extremely conscientious. And yes, I’m extra vigilant against criticism, and yes, I think that limits my growth, but it’s a part of who I am – but for now I think that it’s a part of me that is less helpful and more stunting. Yup, I feel stunted. I feel adolescent in my abilities to negotiate the world, which is to say I am discontent. I want more from life than I have. I want to be able to think my dreams and watch them fill with color before my eyes. I will have to dig down, with shovel and with pick axe to get at what matters most, and you dear readers, will have to put on your boots your hard hats and your gloves – or you might get bloodied.

It’s Monday. I’m sitting on the couch, not watching the television, which i detest, but still turn on and avoid the things on my to-do list that require some concentration, that require I face a few demons in order to manage their details. On Mondays, I have to wake up early to clean the horse stalls and put the trash cans out by the road before the trash trucks come to pick up the cans full of horse shit. And that’s just weird. Putting horse shit in trash cans, and watching them get hauled away by a truck. It could easily be put to good use on the gardens to make things grow better, but that would require extensive amounts of work, which I dont want to do, because I’m writing this blog, or watching television which annoys me.

I have difficulty maintaining a thought train, a pattern of thoughts. The thoughts all come back, but hanging onto the good ones becomes more and more difficult as I keep the television on, and take phone calls on my cell phone for work, for friends, for family, for side-projects. Life becomes more difficult as I let more things become involved in my life. This is me wanting more from life. This is me being discontent. This is me letting my life become filled with things that might lead to something I enjoy more, and this is me not quite committing to any one of them fully. This is the Southern California way. The land of no RSVP. The land of faux friendships. It’s the land of factory milk and imported honey. People come to LA thinking they’ll make it big and have an easy time of it; but the truth is you have to work harder here than most other places. You’re competing with everyone, which means everyone you meet is either seen as competition or as a potential rung on your ladder up the reverse pedestal that fame always is. viva los angeles.

It’s Monday. Staff Meeting Monday. I’m on deadline at work pulling in 50 different food dishes from 50 different restaurants for the Pasadena Foothills Region. . . . I finished 17 today – tomorrow, hopefully another 17. And tomorrow, the artWORKS students start painting my car – lookout. which reminds me I need to wash my car on my way to work.

On my way home I bought a new pair of sneakers so hopefully my runs will be a little more pleasant. I need to wake up early tomorrow to run 4 miles for training for the LA Marathon. and now. . . I wait for MTR to call me and read me some of his novel. . .

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A Plethora of Activity

Well, This morning I took our 14 year old dog, Bianca, in for an eye exam. She only had 15% visibility in her right eye and and none in her left eye. But she passed all the diagnostics for her to have cataract surgery in both, and with a 96% success rate for this surgery, she is expected to return to us with the eye-sight of a seven-year old dog!


On another note: I got finger printed to be an official volunteer for the Pasadena Unified School District, and my TB test came back negative (a good thing) so as soon as the feds clear my fingerprints as NOT being connected to anything of questionable activity, I’ll be legit. Let’s hope they don’t do any online research and find out about Baby Obama, right? Their loss if they don’t.


I also turned in my application for Sunland-Tujunga Poet Laureate. Assuming I can spell “Laureate” correctly, I may have a chance – despite personally questioning whether or not I’ll break the mold of past Poet-Laureates for Sunland-Tujunga. The current Poet Laureate is Maja Trochimczyk, a wonderful friend who encouraged me to apply. I’m looking forward to creating a 3-Ring Artist Circus for Sunland-Tujunga, in cooperation with the owners (and fellow arts activists) of The Back Door Bakery (also in Sunland)


and now I turn my attention to putting the polishing touches on my text message manuscript of poetry: Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey.



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Aveson Charter School 6th Graders Write Article for THE Magazine

Just Kibbe shows 6th Grade Class sample copies of THE Magazine

Tom Hyatt's 6th Grade Class at Aveson Charter School in Pasadena listen to Just Kibbe explain what's involved in being a Managing Editor & Associate Publisher

The Collective Voices Foundation, Tom Hyatt’s 6th Grade Class at Aveson Charter School in Pasadena and THE Magazine have launched a unique partnership that allows the students to research, interview and conceptualize an article for print in a local publication. It’s definitely a thrill to be back in the classroom, especially in a 6th grade classroom. My favorite teacher, Cherie Blessing, taught my 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Class. She instilled the love of books and encouraged my own exploration of creative writing. After this experience of listening to their questions, asking a few of my own, I’m again convinced that more of the world should be run by students, and that adults should comprise their support team. There is nothing these 6th graders are not capable of, with the right advisors and consultants to guide them through it. One of the students even came up with a concept for an issue of THE Magazine, that has been approved by the magazine’s publisher. Later on this year, the Aveson Charter School will create all of the editorial content for an issue involving “50 kid-friendly destinations” written by kids for parents!


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New for Just Kibbe in 2012

2012 is the year of the Black Water Dragon. January is almost over, and I’m forging ahead with a number of Arts, Writing & Teaching Endeavors. 

Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey

In addition to my role as Managing Editor & Associate Publisher at THE Magazine, I am putting the finishing touches on a book manuscript, Elite Speaking Turquoise Monkey, a collection of text message poetry, to be printed side-by-side with equivalent English translations.

Curing The Pirate Pig

I am also working hard to complete my literary art exhibit, Curing the Pirate Pig

My goal is to deconstruct the novel’s form into a collection of artifacts that show the story of rural ghosts, long gone but not far gone from the American landscape.

Arts Education

1.) I have volunteered to teach at artWORKS in Pasadena. I am facilitating a student design team that will paint their own designs onto my car. My hope is that the students will learn how creativity can make a public statement, as well as how they can work together to make their own art happen. Interested in having your car painted by my class? There’s still time to get involved.

2.) I am also working with John Muir High School’s Room 13 to pilot a large scale, public photography project that engages and activates students to foster their creativity and ambition – giving them experience and confidence to continue to express themselves as creators, and leaders in their community. The Goal: Display photos of PUSD High School Student printed (with a few words that describe how they can make their community a better place) on a 3’x5’ poster and exhibited in public places around Pasadena. Willing to offer a place for students to display their photos, please let me know. 

3.) The Collective Voices Foundation and I have created a unique opportunity for the students at Aveson Charter School to learn about journalism and publishing. Students are currently interviewing local community leaders, and crafting stories that will be published in THE Magazine and THE Weekly Insider.
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